Informed and Helpful

Informed and Helpful………New to area. I called and spoke to an Eileen very helpful. Paul came to my new home and discovered there was a crack in my furnace liner, something the inspector did not find. He showed me a picture of the crack at the top area of my chimney. I am thankful he caught this problem. Paul put a new liner in the chimney and I am very happy with the service I received.


I have used Ashes Away for several years

I have used Ashes Away for several years to clean my wood stove. After trying many area companies and having problems with the stove. Paul was able to quickly correct the problem and I will use no one else!

Paul Le Vine

Quick and coutrious service…

These guys are very reputible and prompt.


They know their stuff…

I tried for several years to resolve the leak issues within my home. Problem was it is a large chimney going up through a cathedral ceiling, that divides two rooms. The other I contacted Master Chimney Sweeps, Ultimate Chimney and Boston Best Chimney, their repairs slowed or semi-stopped my leak problem, none could stop it completely. A colleague suggested I try Ashes Away Chimney, he had great results with their service. The office is very professional and Paul was very informative, he told me exactly what he would do to resolve the on-going leak problem. I am happy to say the repair was completed Fall of 2008 This is the first time in several years my home weathered snow, ice and rain without a drop of water leaching into my home. Thank you Paul for a job well done.

Ashes Away Chimney came and cleaned my flue and pellet stove

Ashes Away Chimney came and cleaned my flue and pellet stove. Member Comments: They did a very professional job. They didn't just clean the flue but they also cleaned the pellet stove. They were very knowledgable and my flue had never been cleaned that well. Their price was very competitive. They were very punctual.

Cleaned the Chimney

Cleaned the chimney and inspected the fireplace and furnace flues. Member Comments: He arrived on time, was polite and got to work right away. He put down a drop cloth before bringing in any equipment. After inspection, he notified me that there was a hole in the furnace flue and took a picture of it, with my digital camera, to show it to me. He then provided a cost for putting in a liner.


I had my chimney repaired

I had my chimney repaired and a newly constructed fireplace done by AshesAway. I had several estimates from local contractors and I wouldn't trust anyone else. They do excellent work to say the least! They also respect your house as if it was their own. We can't wait to use our fireplace in the winter months. It totally changed the look of our living room. We've also got several compliments from people who have seen it. Do yourself a favor and use AshesAway. You won't be disappointed.


Cleaned the chimneys

cleaned the chimneys, and fixed an outside plate. On time, charged as quoted, very reasonable, very professional. Left NO mess, like another company did! Check out their web site good tips wish all service providers were like these guys.


Called based on Angies List

Called based on Angies List. Office is knowledgeable. Answered all my questions without hesitation. Paul was very informative and helpful. He cleaned my chimney and made suggestions as to issues we were having with smoke. I highly recommend Paul and his company.